Tuesday, December 13, 2011

UNIPROT Lectures

Different Classes of Molecules:
1. Nucleic Acid
2. Carbohydrates
3. Proteins
4. Lipids

And their attributes....

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chaat n stuff...

...been aborad for 2 months now...and i may not miss my parents, home or friends as much as I miss that tangy,sharp, crispy, spicy, piquant chaat !!

So tried this recipe out:

Crushed tortilla chips
Crushed rice flake chips
Cut tomatoes, onion
Boiled and mashed potatoes
Sprinkle of Panipuri /chaat masala
Cut lemon slices

It works...kinda...

To do or not to do..is not just the question...if to do then follows: when to do..what to do...why to do..and most important how to 'kick start' and basically to 'shake my lazy bones to action ' is THE question...

Yawnnnnnnnn to put things in nutshell...feeling damn lazy ;-)